This Month on – What We’re working on (April 2024)

Topics we’re working on based on Urgency:

  • E-Mail when ads.txt change
  • Adding more Payment Methods
  • Referral System
  • New Ad Formats (Sticky Top, Left and Right and Interstitial Ads)
  • Adding your own SSP Connections
  • Adding more Advertisers
  • Finishing our Ad Exchange

E-Mail when Ads.txt change

A lot of you are still a bit behind when it comes to our ads.txt Lines – that’s why you don’t all get the newest SSP Connections we have and are potentially missing out on Revenue. To counter this we will weekly check your ads.txt Lines and compare them to ours to keep you up to date and offer you the best Revenue possible!

Adding more Payment Methods

We’ve recently sent out an E-Mail asking you to send us your preferred Payment Methods and the Winners of that are Bank Transfer and Cryptocurrency! We’re working on implementing them as fast as possible!

Referral System

We’re working on bringing a Referral System so you can Invite your Friends and get paid for bringing them Onboard! How much and how is still in the Works but we will let you know!

New Ad Formats

We’re currently testing the new Left and Right Sticky Siderail Ads we have and are working on Interstitial Ads. If those Tests work out great we will launch them for you!

Adding your own SSP Connections

Some of you might have Connections to SSPs like Rubicon, Appnexus or others. We want to be able to function as a All in One Solution for you, that’s why we’re bringing the Option to plug your own Advertisers to RevBid!

Adding more Advertisers

We’ve recently made Contracts with 5 new Advertisers that we will begin to roll out in the near Future! You’ll see a Notification on your Dashboard once we’ve added them!

Finishing our Ad Exchange

Due to our fast Rise in Ad Requests we’ve thought that advertising on RevBid might be something you might be interested in! We’re building a whole Ad Exchange for that Reason where you can easily plug your Ads in!

Recent Downtime and Server Migration

Rechently we’ve had some Downtimes and Problems with our Servers at Contabo so we just switched to a Dedicated Machine at Hetzner! This one now has double the Core Count, double the CPU Speed and double the RAM! We hopefully will stay online as long as possible without any Interruptions with this one now!

Thank you for your continuos Support and Happy Earning!

The RevBid Team

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