This Month on – What We’re working on (July 2024)

Topics we’re working on based on Urgency:

  • Adding more Payment Methods (Updated)
  • Update in Reporting
  • Different Server for CDN
  • Video Player and Video Ads
  • Update on SSP Connections

Adding more Payment Methods (Update)

We will soon roll out the Ability to get paid by Bank Transfer – we’ve partnered with Wise to make this possible! We’ll also soon add this to the Billing Page!

Update in Reporting

Currently we’re only tracking Won Auctions through our Wrapper. This will change to also report started Auctions and Auctions with no Bids alongside the Ad Unit Code for you to troubleshoot Ad Unit Problems more easily!

Different Server

Currently RevBid is running on 3 Servers in total. 1 for the Site, 1 for the Reporting and 1 for the Prebid Server. We will put 2-3 more into the Mix and use these to serve the revbid.js Files from different countries to get bids coming in earlier and reduce Latency!

Video Player and Video Ads

We are currently experimenting with different Video Players and would like to incorporate Video Ads into our Site. We will tell you more about this at a later time!

Update on SSP Connections

Recently we’ve gained a lot of new SSP Connections and currently work with almost all of the major SSPs! Another Update regarding any ads.txt Line Updates will follow!

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